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The 411 Trail Running Shoes from 2011, boast an aggressive silhouette designed for all-terrain performance. With a combination of synthetic and mesh materials for breathability and a rugged outsole for exceptional grip, these shoes are perfect for both trail adventures and normal wear. The bold design and durable construction make them a standout choice for outdoor enthusiasts and casual wear alike.

Available Sizes:

  • EU 42 | US 8.5 | UK 8 | CM 26
  • EU 44 | US 10 | UK 9.5 | CM 28
  • EU 44.5 | US 10.5 | UK 10 | CM 28.5
  • EU 45.5 | US 11.5 | UK 11 | CM 29.5
  • EU 46.5 | US 12 | UK 11.5 | CM 30

Year: 2011

Condition: 9/10 - Lightly worn, minimal signs of use.

Original Box: Not available; replacement Box


Please ensure accurate sizing by double-checking your current shoes, especially because we offer unisex sizes, which may have different size standards.

If in doubt, refer to the CM measurement of the insoles, indicating the shoe's length. It's a simple step to ensure a perfect fit.

You can also filter our collection by CM size.


We ship your shoes within 24 hours using trusted carriers such as DHL and UPS.

Each order comes with a tracking number, which will be sent to you via email once your shoes are on their way.

If you require express shipping, feel free to contact us via email or Instagram @vntgdad, and we'll be happy to assist with your request.

Wear & Care

Vintage shoes carry unique charm but may be more delicate than newer models. Please keep in mind the potential fragility, especially for shoes over 10 years old.

We recommend wearing these shoes with great care, avoiding exposure to high temperatures. Additionally, please refrain from machine washing them, as these special shoes deserve gentle hand wash.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for shoes that deteriorate due to their age or wrong usage.

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Each Pair from our Collection is carefully hand-picked by our team to meet precise standards.

We invest considerable time and effort in finding, restoring, and presenting these unique shoes to you.

Our commitment to quality and uniqueness is unparalleled, as we are one of the only seller worldwide offering this shoe in this size.

Every pair is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence.